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Market City


Market City is a convenience lifestyle daily market for today’s busy urban business professionals. Our store concept and decor is based on modern minimalist design, with usage of calming colours to give the impression of space and friendly atmosphere, therefore enhancing a pleasant environment, a relaxed and a new level of daily shopping experience.

Our location is in Pantai lndah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara. The area where largely home to many middle to high income earners, well educated executives with young families where quality of consumer goods is a choice, and a common commodities amongst these selected fews that are very health conscious societies which more and more are now demanding more of high-end Sr imported products.

Many online casino players buy only fresh products in stores because they are concerned about their health. You may be tempted to buy everything from meat and vegetables to fruit and sweets, but it will be a waste of money and effort. Instead, a person who likes to play new online casino should focus on buying fresh produce at Market City. The key is to buy fresh produce from the store, which can be found in most markets.


We continue to strive for customer satisfaction, consistency in delivering fresh, quality, widest range of national and international products and value for money


Our Store

ls architectured to give the pleasant aesthetic effect of a new level of shopping experience.

Our Product

Are displayed strategically, and display signage for easy to follow direction within the store for customers to locate products. We ensure clean and well lighted area throughout the store, and most of all our friendly staffs, that are more than willing to assist.

Are of the best quality, and employed a group of dedicated staffs that are expert in their related fields and a health conscious individuals that follow strict quality control over the reliable and safety of all products that we stock.

Fresh Produce Specialist

We are a well known within the industry due to the widest range of fresh produce we stock up daily in our store, we ensure our fresh produce are sourced directly f rom its sou rce, both locally and i nternational ly, we therefore are able to maintain and deliver the quality, freshness and consistency throughout the seasons.

We stock and offer the widest range of fresh, quality and good value products, sourced both nationally and internationally in-line with the demands of our customers request and need. From the everyday necessities, luxury imported hand wash, to a non-prescriptive medicine. A true “One Stop Shopping” lifestyle daily market.